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Our Client Service Promise

St. Nicholas Private Asset Management was founded on the recognition that large investment management firms were unable to deliver the premium client service they promised.  We feel there are several advantages that our firm offers to enhance the client service experience:

The Small Firm Effect:

We want to provide a premium level of service to a select number of clients.

The Small Firm Feel:

Our clients will know each member of our company, and each person in our company will know every client.

The Small Firm Financial Considerations:

Each client is vitally important to the continuing success of our firm.  We will therefore strive to maintain client relationships for life.


Collectively we have been in the client service business for over 100 years.  We know how to determine client needs and have the experience and knowledge to meet those needs.


We are not burdened by large company policies and procedures that can limit the time available to serve clients.

One-on-One Back-to-Basics:

We recognize that there are as many investment objectives as there are customers.  We do not believe in cookie-cutter approaches.   Each client will receive unique investment evaluations, strategies, and solutions.  We want to accomplish individual objectives, not ours.