Our Philosophy

The St. Nicholas Story                 

St. Nicholas Private Asset Management, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Tim Cebulko CFA/CFP and Allen Witham CTFA.  Our goal is to provide a combination of investment management and client service at levels superior to our competition.  Our methodology is built around the concepts of  flexible investment management and back-to-basics client service.


Flexible Investment Management Discipline

The St. Nicholas Growth-at-a-Reasonable-Price(GARP) approach allows us to identify attractive purchase candidates regardless of the market’s current style preference.  We utilize both growth and value companies depending on market conditions and maintain exposure to all market cap levels.


Back-to-Basics Client Service

Large financial service providers promise premium client service but are often hindered by their focus on cost containment and attempts to provide “one-size-fits-all” solutions.  Our aim is to remain focused on the unique needs of our customers and to provide disciplined solutions.  We will strive to create a family-like atmosphere with our clients and service each of their specific needs individually.